Last Castle In The Sand (South County Mystery Series- Book 5 of 5)



Dr. Morgan Duckworth embarks from her oceanfront estate to begin her nightly run around Narraganset Pier.

As she nears Druid’s Circle, an engine revs. Headlights beam from out of the darkness. She is suddenly overcome with a sense of imminent danger. The car passes only to turn and run her down. The driver steps out and bends to deliver a final message. “You deserve to die.” The list of suspects is long and includes Duckworth’s old patients, family, and past friends who have good reason to wish the doctor ill. Detective Kara Langley is called upon to assist the Narraganset Police with the case. A conflict of interest arises when their investigation leads to the arrest of Kara's friend. She must find a way to prove him innocent although the evidence points squarely in his direction.

The 5th installment in the South County Mystery Series finds Kara and her friends enjoying the close of the tourist season when beaches, once again, are returned to the locals. This brief respite soon ends with a murder, an arrest, and an impending storm all combining to threaten the tranquil seaside resorts which have made the Ocean State famous.


South County Murder Mystery Series-- Book 5 of 5

Author- Claremary P Sweeney

186 Pages

6 x 0.52 x 9 inches