Last Sermon For A Sinner (South County Mystery Series- Book 4 of 5)



Spring is a hopeful season in South County, Rhode Island.

It's springtime in South County, Rhode Island. The last of the snow has melted. Villagers are venturing outside after the cold winter months. Gardens are awakening. But this March, along with the feeling of rebirth, comes a sense of foreboding when Gilbert Cheevers overhears a confession one Friday night in Saint Bibiana's Church. His eavesdropping could lead to solving the mystery of young Anthony Tucker who went missing on his way home from church school six years ago. Detectives Carl Sullivan and Kara Langley are called upon to revisit the Tucker case when Father John Erlich suddenly vanishes along with the church's money. The investigation helps connect the people and their ties to both disappearances but in the process it also puts Kara in imminent danger.

Meanwhile, on the stage of the Peace Dale Library, the local thespians are rehearsing for their latest play - a murder mystery. Sophia Carnavale has enlisted the help of her family and friends to get the show produced. But a series of unfortunate events cause the cast and crew to question whether they will survive to opening night in this once peaceful little village.


South County Murder Mystery Series-- Book 4 of 5

Author- Claremary P Sweeney

202 Pages

6 x 0.52 x 9 inches