Burning the Gaspee: Revolution in Rhode Island



Book- When the Gaspee entered the waters of Narragansett Bay outside Newport in 1772, revolutionary Rhode Island was a hotbed of traders, smugglers and anti-British sentiment. In just a few months, the ship would be burned and its commander shot by possibly the first gunfire of the American Revolution. Join author Rory Raven as he recounts the events leading up to and after the burning of the Gaspee by Rhode Island colonists. Raven colorfully paints the characters of Lieutenant Dudingston, the Gaspees hated leader, and the larger-than-life figure of John Brown, the main instigator and future Patriot. Though the smoke lifted, the bloody clash left its indelible imprint on the history of Rhode Islandand helped set the course for the fledgling nation.

Gaspee Days 
by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI

Gaspee Days are here again
To celebrate our history
When brave Rhode Islanders took a stand
And burned the British tyranny

We honor those who fought for freedom
With music, fireworks and fun
We reenact the daring raid
And watch the Gaspee burn at sun

We cherish our colonial heritage
With arts and crafts and food
We run a race, we bless the fleet
We join in festive mood

Gaspee Days are more than just a festival
They're a reminder of our past
When a small but mighty colony
Ignited the revolution's blast