Book- Health Care Revolt



Today's deliberations about a revamped health care system are stuck--in need of fresh analysis and a new vision. Health Care Revolt sets out to provide just that and at a most propitious time in U.S. history. Dr. Michael Fine's manifesto frames the questions more expansively than others before him and offers an impassioned road map for a nation confused about which health care direction to travel. The crux of Dr. Fine's argument is that the U.S. has put the fate of its health care in the so-called marketplace, where the few profit from the public's ill health and accelerate the erosion of democracy in the process. Health Care Revolt looks around the world for examples of health care systems that are effective and affordable, pictures such a system for the U.S., and creates a practical playbook for a revolution to protect health and strengthen democracy.
170 Pages
Michael Fine
PM Press
About the Author:
Michael Fine is a prize-winning fiction writer, author, community organizer, family physician, and public health official. He is the author of Health Care Revolt, AbundanceThe Bull and Other Stories, and Rhode Island Stories, the 2021 IPNE Literary Fiction Book of the Year. He was the director of the Rhode Island Department of Health from 2011 to 2015 and serves as the chief health strategist for the City of Central Falls, Rhode Island.