Made From RI and Rural Labors

Made From RI and Rural Labors

Posted by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI on Sep 1st 2020

The year 2020 is the year that we need to recognize the labor and hard work of others. One place that has continued to "stay the course" and continue working are rural workers. Farms, agriculture, and ranches and their support operations.

Made From RI salutes these people. And we provide the labors of the best of Rhode Island to consider these people. Some sample ideas are below. Click any of the ideas below or peruse our site at

American Barn Ornament: Symbolizing the American agricultural way of life as an ornament. A barn is an agricultural building usually on a farm used for various purposes including housing livestock, cattle and horses as well as equipment and often grain and produce. 100% handmade ornament. Size 3.3 in x 2.4 in

Boots and Hat Ornament: Symbolizing the American western culture both past and present. 100% handmade ornament. Size 2.7 in x 2.8 in

Rooster Ornament: Celebrate the beauty of nature. 100% handmade ornament. Size 3.25 in x 2.8 in