Made From RI Photo Coasters: An Origin Story

Made From RI Photo Coasters: An Origin Story

Posted by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI on Feb 1st 2021

Everything has a beginning, an origin story. The origin story. The origin of the Made From RI Coasters began in early 2004. We were planning a wedding, our wedding, and were working on favors for our guests.

We are happy to report that after acquiring the materials, we had a party with our friends. We called it "tile aerobics" as we created each coaster on a garage floor on Great Island in Narragansett. Gluing the cork backing and transferring the designs we made on a weekend. The coasters were at each table of the historic Narragansett Towers for our wedding reception. Blackstone Caterers even commented on the job that we did at the time (high praise from a fine Rhode Island caterer!) We also know that these coasters are still in many homes and are doing their jobs.
Fast forward a few years and we started Made From RI featuring Rhode Island made items. Next came Made From RI Gallery, our own photography. Remembering back to the "tile aerobics" party, we decided to combine the two. Voila! A collaboration to create something old and something new. Made From RI Photographic Coasters featuring photos from Made From RI Gallery!

Some takeaways from this Made From RI memory: