Ordering Custom Chart Tile Items From Made From RI: A Worksheet

Ordering Custom Chart Tile Items From Made From RI: A Worksheet

Posted by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI on Oct 14th 2020

One of the Made From RI specialty items is Custom Tile. Below you will find a worksheet for ordering customized NOAA chart items (Trivets, Tide Clocks, Coasters, and Clocks). We will work with you to focus on the coastal area that you would most like to display... anywhere in the United States (inclusive of the Great Lakes and other navigable inland lakes). 

Trivet Example:

Tide Clock Example:

Clock Example:

Coaster Example:

What Made From RI will do:

1. Work with you to find the area you wish to display (A Made From RI owner, Keith, who is thoroughly qualified in navigation, will help with any descriptions you wish to display. If you don't know the terms, we will help you out).  

2. We will create a proposed area that is not only accurate but will be aesthetically pleasing on a Trivet, Tide Clock, Coaster, or Clock).

3. We will provide you with a proof for approval.

4. We will provide you with a custom link for secure ordering. 

5. We will have the item made and sent to you. 

Please allow at least two-and-a half week's lead time for any custom creation. 

Where to start? Copy out the worksheet below and send it in an email to and any questions that you might have (we are here to work with you). If you are not certain about a specific such as "Latitude" and "Longitude", just ask us... we will help. More questions? Give us a call at (401) 789-7472 and we can talk about it... 

<Start Copy Here>

Made From RI Custom Chart Tile Worksheet

Your Information:

First Name: _______________________________________________

Last Name: _______________________________________________

Address 1: _______________________________________________

Address 2: _______________________________________________

City or Town: _______________________________________________

State: _______________________________________________

Zip Code: _______________________________________________

Preferred Communications (in case there are questions)

Telephone: _______________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________

Type of Custom Tile:

Clock: _______ Quantity: _______

Tide Clock: _______ Quantity: _______

Trivet: _______ Quantity: _______

Coaster: _______ Quantity: _______ (Please Note That Coaster Minimums Apply)

Location of the Chart that you would like produced:

Body of Water: _______________________________________________

Latitude: _______________________________________________

Longitude: _______________________________________________

City or Town: _______________________________________________

State: _______________________________________________

Special Landmarks That You Want Highlighted (as possible):


Is This A Gift?

Special Message: _______________________________________________

<End Copy Here>

What Made From RI will do for you: We will help you select a section of NOAA navigation chart to best express the area that you wish to have printed (and we will make it aesthetically pleasing if clock hands are involved). We will provide you with a proof for approval prior to having the chart trivet, clock, tide clock, or coaster(s) [Minimums Apply On Coasters] printed on tile. Once approved, we will provide you with a custom URL for direct ordering from Made From RI/ (this is done for your transaction security). We will then ship to your place of choice with discreet gift receipts or messages.