Clamcake Summer: One Man Eats Every Clamcake in Rhode Island (Or Dies Frying)



Book- Clamcake Summer is the story of one man's attempt to eat every clamcake in Rhode Island in one summer (or die frying). It is a funny, informative and voracious story of marathon eating and the seashore foods we crave, and of the joys and traditions of summer in New England. This is the first book entirely dedicated to the clamcake. A blend of memoir and history, Clamcake Summer is the perfect beach read for anyone who grew up eating these delectable fritters, or for those who dream of ordering their first dozen at a take out window.

The Rhode Island Clam Cake
by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI

A golden-brown shell is the crust
A pillow of dough is inside
The sea's pearls are the clams
A taste symphony is the flavor

To the shore you journey with a bite
Of Rhode Island clam cake so divine
A treat for your senses and your soul
A delight for any time