Stuffie Summer: One Man Eats Every Stuffed Quahog in Rhode Island (And He's Not Clamming Up About It)



Book- Quahog shells, breadcrumbs and chopped clams are the modest ingredients that come together to make the beloved food nicknamed "stuffie." David Norton Stone's Stuffie Summer follows a delicious journey through Rhode Island and Massachusetts in search of the perfect stuffed quahog. Stuffed with history, tastings and humor, Stuffie Summer explores why, in a state defined by its unique foods, the stuffie is the strangest and greatest of all. It's an adventure that ends in Stone's own kitchen where, in a fitting farewell to his Stuffie Summer, he sums up his journey in a few stuffie recipes of his own.

by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI

Some people call it a stuffie
Some people call it a quahog
But I just call it yummy
A Rhode Island dish that I hog

It's a clam stuffed with bread crumbs
And some seasonings so fine
You can bake it or grill it
Either way, it tastes divine

So if you're ever in Rhode Island
And you want to have a bite
Order a stuffed quahog at a diner
And savor the delight